I’m at a strange stage of life with an open road ahead and so many possibilities …

Me and hubby.

I’m at a strange stage of life with an open road ahead and so many possibilities. How do I choose what is right? Do I have to choose just one thing ? Such a dilemma. I hate making choices for fear of leaving someone behind or loosing a loved one. Every day it seems as if another page has turned. As a female, a mother and a wife it seems my days are full of decisions. Do I get another job? Do I wait and return to my last job? How will my decisions effect my sons? Where does my journey go from here? A million questions asked every day. Is their a book to help us on our journey ? Is their a group to give us support? What if we chose the wrong path ? Can we go back? Where can I find a guided path? Is their anyone out there that can provide guidance? These are all questions most of us are asking. I’m going to search the internet in hopes of answers. Maybe I can ask others that have already been where I am know. I will share my findings along the way. If anyone has any tips please share. I don’t know where I am headed but I pray for clarification along the way. I’ll write when my heart says to. I’ll share so if anyone follows it might help others. If anyone is on this journey too please reach out to me. A journey with friends is always a journey enjoyed.

The best way to get things Done is simply Begin

From Inspirational quotes Gazette

My choices are easy for some but people like me that are indecisive are going to struggle. Maybe I should go easy way out and flip a coin. Maybe s roll of the dice. Close my eyes and pick from a list. Or better yet have hubby decide for me lol. I’m torn between what society would choose and what my heart says to do ☹️ I wonder how other people decide on big decisions ?? 🤔 In school they said make a list of pros and cons. One would stand out but what if they are equal ? Am I strong enough to choose both and let time figure it out? I asked my husband and he said he will support whatever decision I choose. He’s a very supportive man. My angel in work boots behind the wheel of a big rig. After 20 years I still get overwhelmed by the love I have for this man. He’s my rock my soulmate.

This week closes a chapter in my life ☹️ Friday 11/23 is my last day of work for Aspira. I’m being laid off. Can reapply next year if I want to. My supervisor Lia Mebane says she hopes I do. I have other job opportunity with a tax firm. I just need to finish signing up. It’s January thru April with possibility of full year if I do good. Intellectual wise it will be more fulfilling since that’s what I went to college for. Emotionally not thinking it will fulfill my need to help others like this job does. It’s my dilemma of what is more important for me ??? Ugggg ☹️☹️ I am thinking hard but have no clue what to choose. I wish I could make money with my crafts that’s what I enjoy the most but no money in that. I’d love to write a book but not having much luck with that. It’s easy for those to share advice but there are no quick fixes. No magic pills. No prescriptions. Some of us fight this battle alone and some with a loved one. I’ve searched the internet for an instruction book and have had no luck I didn’t find classes to enroll into either. Some have moms that can help but my mom is ill equipped. She has good intentions but not much information. It’s due to the way she was raised. Her father was an alcoholic and very abusive. I’m sure they never talked about feelings or what was right in life. He chased my uncle away to join the military and he became a lifer. Sometimes it’s best to run away, murder does not look good on a resume. From what i’ve learned reconnecting with my uncle that could have happened. I personally think it would have been well deserved. Beating your tiny little wife is horrid. Back in those days it was a daily thing. I’m glad times have changed at least a little bit.

Date night October20, 2018

I’ve joined a facebook group called “Spiritual G Spot”. You can join it here https://www.facebook.com/groups/219129234948553/.
The lady that runs it does motivating posts daily. I hope it encourages you to live your life fully. Like she says let your light shine and you can never be “Too much woman”. I’m hoping to go see her in person at Niagara Falls. Hubby knows where that is since he goes there every day for work.

It’s a blessed day, 8 am is so peaceful maybe I’ll get up early from now on and write. Today is my last day of work. I have a 2 hour shift then I’m done 😦 for how long I’m not sure but it gives me time to focus on myself and what’s my next step. I will end this here and go enjoy my day. My oldest is here for Thanksgiving and I want to enjoy my time with him. Later he heads back to the Big city not sure when we will see him again. He brought his girlfriend with him and she’ s super nice. We also got to meet  Aaron’s new wife she is great. We plan on going to Mississippi soon to see them again.
I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and I’ll be back soon. Just remember to hug your trucker tight. Mine has my heart and I will be sad Sunday when he returns to normal work. Until then I will enjoy him being around. Or at least until he pisses me off lol.


Trivia and Taco Tuesday

Here are a few questions no one ever asks but were bugging me. Click on the blue words for links to more information. This is perfect for family night trivia. I’ve also added a yummy taco recipe for you to enjoy together 🤩


                                                  Everyone remembers crayons from their childhood.
  1. When were crayons invented? 1903
  2. What year did the first KFC open? 1930
  3. When was first cell phone call ? 1973
  4. When was cyanide discovered? 1782
  5. What nut has highest calories ? Macadamia
  6. How many hairs on the average blonde head? 150,000 more than any other hair color.
  7. How many calories in a 7-11 chocolate covered donut? 250
  8. What was the length of world’s longest fingernails ever recorded ? 28 ft 4 inches
  9. What’s the highest score you can get on your SAT ? 2400
  10. What brand of beer has the lowest carbs? Budweiser select 55
  11. At what age did the oldest recorded human die? Jeanne Calment 122 years 16 months
  12. How old was the oldest dog ? Bluey from Australia 29 years 5 months
  13. When was the color Chartreuse formulated? 1987
  14. When was the first Hershey bar with almonds made ? 1908
  15. What does the word “vermicelli” means in Italian ? Thin Worms
  16. What was the fattest cat named cat ? Himmy from Australia 46.8 lbs
  17. What’s the smallest tree? Dwarf Willow 
  18. What building is the tallest in world today? Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  19. What’s mph of fastest car as of 2018? Hennessey Venom F5 301 mph
  20. Where is the world’s smallest house ? In London it’s 188 ft
  21. Where were gummy bears created ? Germany early 1920’s
  22. When was first dishwasher made? 1886 (no kids don’t count)
  23. How many names are written around the base of Eiffel Tower ? 72
  24. What state is it legal to hunt unicorns? Michigan
  25. How do I upset Siri ? Calling her Alexa or Cortana


 How did she wash her hair??? Gross

As promised here is a taco recipe. I found it at Dinner at the Zoo’s blog post. Link is after recipe.


 Prep Time 10 minutes
 Cook Time 10 minutes
 Total Time 20 minutes
 Servings 4
 Calories 304 kcal


    • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
    • 1 pound lean ground beef I use 90% lean
    • 1/2 cup onion finely chopped
    • 1 tablespoon chili powder
    • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
    • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
    • 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes optional
    • 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
    • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
    • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
    • 1 14 ounce can petite diced tomatoes drained
    • 8 taco shells
  • assorted toppings such as lettuce, tomato, onion and shredded cheese


  1. Heat the oil in a large pan over medium high heat.
  2. 2 .Add the ground beef and break up with a spatula.
  3. Add the onion to the pan.
  4. Cook, stirring occasionally, until beef is done and onion is soft, 5-6 minutes.
  5. Drain off any excess fat.
  6. Add the chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, oregano, smoked paprika, cumin, salt and pepper to the pan.
  7. Stir to coat the meat in the seasonings.
  8. Add the tomatoes to the pan and simmer for 2-3 minutes.
  9. Spoon the beef into the taco shells and add toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts
Ground Beef Tacos
Amount Per Serving
Calories 304 Calories from Fat 117
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 13g20%
Saturated Fat 5g25%
Cholesterol 70mg23%
Sodium 549mg23%
Potassium 525mg15%
Total Carbohydrates 19g6%
Dietary Fiber 2g8%
Sugars 1g
Protein 26g52%
Vitamin A14.3%
Vitamin C1.8%
Iron 21.4%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Here is a direct link to their page. Go check it out. Dinner at the zoo
I hope you enjoy this trivia and these tacos. I personally have never tried this recipe. I do a basic no measure one. I brown 1 1/2 pounds ground beef and ground turkey mix. The turkey helps lower the calories. I rinse off grease then add water as called for on the packet. Sometimes we use Old El Paso other days we use a generic brand. I cut up normal lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese. If we are doing soft tacos I sometime heat up a can of black beans. Rinse and strain before use. The slime at he bottom of the can can make you lose your appetite. We serve sour cream on the side if anyone wants it. Sometimes we substitute ground meat with boneless skinless chicken breast. Cut into small pieces of course. Buffet style set up is best. Lots less mess to clean up. Paper plates or styrofoam plates are good to use. We have a back deck that is perfect for this meal. My boys and hubby really enjoy these relaxed type of meals. Know I have trivia questions to ask hem. Who knows maybe it will start a new family tradition. Possibly can do on a Saturday night since everyone has those off from work. Can put a blanket own on he floor in our living room for cold New York nights. It would kinda be like a picnic. It might be fun for everyone.

We could even do it in our pj’s. I buy us a pair every year for Christmas Eve. I usually get matching ones from Kohl’s but this year I’m going to try target. That is my new favorite store. I signed up on a whim my last visit. They gave me a credit card and I earned $10 in gift cards with my last purchase. They have great sales and have a good coupon policy. They allow you to match paper coupons with digital ones using their cartwheel app. You can find it described more by following this link. If I can ever figure out how to fix my Apple ID I would download it again. Something to add to my ever growing To Do list. I have a few more wreaths to make for friend and family gifts first. I hope they like them. I enjoyed making them. The tri colored one I’m thinking of adding a small chalkboard to it. Can write Merry Christmas on it or whatever suits your fancy. Maybe you would prefer it in Polish like our friends the Lis family. Either way you get to choose.

Wesołych Świąt
If you have a favorite recipe feel free to share it with me. Maybe next time I’ll post your recipe. As always hug your trucker tight. I’m sure he will enjoy these tacos after a long run and might even know the trivia answers too.
Kathy O.

Summer dreaming !!!!

Who misses trips to the beach 🏖 and fun with friends? I do this coronavirus has me going stir crazy. So glad for my Scentsy warmer. Smelling Welcome Summer, Rise and Sunshine brings back good memories. If you haven’t tried Scentsy your missing out.


Welcome, Summer

July’s scent of the month is Rise and Shine. It’s available July 1st with a awesome new warmer. Go check it out. https://blissful-fragrances.scentsy.us/shop/c/4410/scentsy-wax-bars?partyId=12254459

Rise and Shine
July’s scent and warmer of the month.

If you want more information join my group on Facebook at Blissful Fragrances

Shop my online website Here.

Thanks for reading my blog have a fabulous day and remember every house should be a great smelling home 🏠! Kathy O

What’s been happening in my world.

It’s been a world win of stuff for me the last few months.

* Trying to start my wreathing business.

* Doing my taxes. (Eye opening experience. Did I really spend that much)

* Let’s try something cheaper. Less space needed.

* Getting ready for wedding at end of March.

* More work on moving to North Carolina.

* New job working from home.

* My list goes on and on.

Sound like your life? Sounds a bit chaotic but keeps you from being bored.

Color Street making lives more beautiful one set at a time. https://www.colorstreet.com/KatzCraftyNailz/party/1138766

My daily life has become jump through one hoop to another. Trying to keep my sanity in tack while trying to find a balance in life is crazy. Do this, do that. No time to stop and think 🤔 just keep going. Sound familiar? Think some have even nicknamed it the “Rat Race”. When did life get so hectic? I feel like I’m being pulled in all directions with no time to take a breath. I want back to a slower more peaceful existence. What happened to Stop and smell the flowers? Has that become digital and virtual like everything else?

Winter Wonderland

Thinking of ways to share my wreaths besides Etsy and Facebook. Might need to do a live sale soon. This is what is decorating my house today.

Winter hat wreath $25 plus shipping.
Striped candy cane $20 plus shipping.
Burlap Candy Cane $20 plus shipping.
Rescue wreath $60 free shipping.
Penguin Joy $60 free shipping.

I love what I do join me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Get-Crafty-With-Kathy-1950619191634004/

All of my creations are for sale here https://www.etsy.com/shop/GetCraftyWithKathyUS

Join me in exploring new ideas for decorating your home. Thank you so much for reading my blog share with all your friends and family. It’s a community let’s grow in friendship.

Kathy O.

Bow of the day

Here’s my bow from today

Big difference from yesterday’s bow

Makes a big difference to watch videos in YouTube. You learn a lot. I watched this video https://youtu.be/m7iLdcdTPWU and made this one.

My advice for today is take advantage of tutorials. They are free. Message me if you need ideas of who to watch.

Have a great day and create happiness. Kathy O



Unemployment or more time to craft???

Got my separation date from my job. Knew it was coming didn’t want it to be so soon though. Sucky thing about seasonal jobs.

Trying to keep myself busy. Did craft show Saturday till 2 then ran like crazy home to change into shorts. Then another 35 minute drive to lake party. I sold 2 wreaths and 1 angel at my craft fair. Came home found 2 boxes we forgot to take uggg. Then off to lake party and sold another wreath. So all in all total 3 wreaths and 1 angel. Productive day I think 🤔

Now to replace wreaths I sold. Started wreath at craft fair it’s in my car. So let’s start another. What should we do a easy fall wreath on normal 14” frame or

14” frame

OR welcome wreath on 18” mega frame?

18” frame

The sign decides. I’ll post finished wreaths in few days. Any tips let me know. Till next time you can find me here on my Facebook business page. Share with your friends and don’t forget to shop my Etsy Shop. I have something for everyone.

Till next time craft daily and laugh often.

Kathy O

Halloween my favorite holiday.

I’m trying to make my hobby of wreath making into a business. It’s a lot of work. So many people making wreaths nowadays competition is tough. Im in a few Facebook groups and my designs are getting much better. Here’s a few of my wreaths let me know your thoughts.

Spooky spiders
My favorite Halloween wreath this year
Dollar Tree frame witch hat
Witch hat and legs
Monster eyeballs

Can you tell Halloween is my favorite holiday? My hubby and I love it. Too bad at our new house we don’t get trick or treaters ☹️ I got a huge blow up dragon that lights up and blows fake fire. It’s around 8ft tall. Clearance at Lowe’s originally $120 got last year right before Halloween $53. It was s steal. Couldn’t even find the good Halloween candy that day. All that was left was Mary Janes. Yuck 🤢

Here’s what I found when I searched for Mary Jane candies. The article I found even had a picture of the candy.

What Are Mary Janes Candies?

Mary Jane candies are a brand of candy began in 1914 by Charles N. Miller of Boston. They are bite-sized chewy molasses and peanut butter flavored and were named after Miller’s aunt.

It may seem unusual to see molasses listed as a candy flavor, but during the 1800’s molasses was a popular flavor for candies. A combination of molasses and peanut butter was quite unique.
Miller, who began to make candies in 1884, is said to have worked out of the same house where Paul Revere lived, at 19 North Square, until 1800.

Mary Janes were a favorite penny candy for many years. They were, and still are, wrapped in a yellow paper with a red strip across the middle, and a picture of a little girl beside the name Mary Jane. The little girl is wearing a yellow dress and bonnet. The words Mary Jane also appear across the hem of the dress, which flares out to provide more prominence to the logo.

In some ways, they are similar to another old favorite, Bit-O-Honey (honey and almond flavored), which looks similar and has the same chewiness. Due to the paper wrapping, both candies tend to dry out and become very hard, required a lot of work to chew.

Mary Jane was sold to Stark Candy Company in 1989. Stark was then acquired by New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) which still sells many different Mary Jane candy products, including Mary Jane tubs, Mary Jane peanut butter kisses.

Although NECCO may not offer them at all times, Mary Janes, today, are still generally available, but as more of a retro-candy brand. Although you will not find them widely sold in stores, you can easily order Mary Jane candies online.

I still think they are nasty I prefer chocolate. What do you like? Let me know maybe I’ll focus on you in a future blog entry.

Have a great Halloween all.

Great place to buy Christmas gifts 🎁

Internet addict

I’m a lover of the INTERNET . There I said it kind of shocking right. Truly who would admit that the internet has a hold of them. 30 years ago we didn’t hear about it much. Nowadays it’s everywhere. I even work full time doing campground reservations online. Unheard of when I was growing up. I mean really no one worked online. We were lucky to have more than 3 tv channels. But back on track I love the internet. So much great creative stuff online.

I am growing my business Get Crafty With Kathy. It seems I’m everywhere I have my Facebook page, where I started. I’m on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I even recently started a YouTube channel. I get loads of ideas from everywhere just not enough time to do all the crafts I want to do.

Here are links where I am at:

My Etsy shop where you can buy my designs. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GetCraftyWithKathyUS

My Facebook page where you can get up to date notice of what I’m doing. https://www.facebook.com/Get-Crafty-With-Kathy-1950619191634004/.

I’ll add links to my Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter another time.

I’ve also learned lately that we can make $$ with our blog. Becoming an affiliate is how we do it. First program I became affiliate for is Bluehost. My affiliate link is right here https://www.bluehost.com/track/lifeofatruckerswife If anyone clicks on my link and purchases from Bluehost I earn a small monetary amount. Sign up for yourself maybe you will get extra money for Christmas.

Me and my hubby enjoying relaxing day at home.

Swag wreath using Dollar Tree candy cane frames.

2 frames joined together with zip ties.

If you want to make a swag and not spend a lot of $$$ grab some Dollar Tree candy cane frames. Place them on your work space one curve up and one curve down. Connect using zip ties from your favorite store.

Ladies have discussed doing 2 outside rows and then-inside 2. Exactly like using the round frame. Other ladies have said use 10 inch poufs with 21 inch mesh. Then add ruffles and rolls of 10 inch mesh. I suggest doing what you are comfortable with.

I have an account on Pinterest that might inspire you. Check it out here Candy Cane. When you have some time you can join me on here on my Facebook page. I sell my creations in a Etsy shop. Go browse my Treasures here. Hope you find great gifts for your family and friends. I recently started a YouTube channel. It’s a work in process but feel free to check it out. Me live or at least trying. Favorite my Channel and be alerted when I add more videos. I’m trying lots of ways to get my creations out there to inspire everyone. Feel free to leave me a message on what you want to see. Enjoying life and hopefully inspiring others.

Crafting makes your heart smile.

Kathy O.

Blast from the past. Post I forgot I wrote. Depression or paranoia ? Or both?

Woke up early had a horrific dream 😡😡😡 hubby and I were on an island only 1 way in or out. He was driving I was walking. I couldn’t keep up and he drove off. I joined up with cop to help me. Pouf he’s back saying he got lost couldn’t find me he’s sorry. Thing is we were close to exit not believing the I got lost story seems like a lie. Fell asleep again this time he doesn’t come back and he has my purse. I give cop info on Jeremy Insetta since he’s only a few states away. he’s not listed in phone book. Alarm goes off I need to go potty am up now writing this horrible story. He commented yesterday about sleeping so deep he didn’t realize I got up.

Is this dream playing on my biggest fear of him leaving me behind? Or is it my paranoia resurfacing since I stopped my second med for a week? I will have to research. I’m almost in tears from this 😭 I rely on my hubby a lot. He made joking comment about a wife driving her hubby away because she was to clingy and did nothing for herself. Did it mean more than he thought? I asked he said no. Maybe it was his inner psyche popping up. He also commented on how in Sidney I was more independent. He goes along with me talking about not driving much not needing my car. How I don’t really need it especially in winter. Had previous winter bad accident when we lived in Otego with my mini van. Is that why I am terrified of winter snowy roads? Had another bad accident where some one t boned me. This was in Sidney. I still have problems to this day with my neck hurting. Is this why I’m afraid to drive his truck? Are my fears coming back to haunt me? I feel so dependent on him nowadays. Is it because I’m afraid of loosing him? Does that stem from time he left in Sidney? Am I over thinking this like he says or is he under-thinking what his brain is hiding from him. Some say our jokes are part truths. That they shine on our true thoughts. It’s terrifying. I was single parent when Dom was a baby. Why does that terrify me now. Am I getting to comfortable with him doing everything? Should I seek professional advice on this? What information can I find on internet? Does my fear stem from abandonment issues from my childhood? Is it because my dad was always leaving? Am I overthinking this? Not going to be able to go back to sleep now. Going to get dressed for the day and get cup of coffee. Is it because my inner thought of weight I’ve gained ? Yet he has gained weight too. Does anyone have any insights ? Am I loosing my mind having a breakdown like my mom did? Is it from stress from holidays? Why do I have such deep guilt that I need to do more for my hubby so I don’t lose him? Why do I have so many questions and fears? Are they linked to my childhood ? My abandonment issues from being in foster care? That my parents’s life’s went on without us while we were in care. Did they think about us or just go on with normal life’s without a brief thought of us? It’s the past can’t dwell on it. But it still haunts me. How can a parent continue with their life without a thought, while kids were separated from them ? I couldn’t do it. Is that why I fought like hell to keep my kids out of foster care? Does a parents past repeat itself with their own kids? For example my sister laurie. Is my sister’s failure as a parent what keeps us from having a relationship ? Is my sister thinking back about how she always disliked my parenting? Does she feel guilty since she failed her 2 oldest and they ended up in care? Is it because I tend to talk behind her back? Why don’t I just text her and ask? Is it me or is it her? Why are we so disconnected ? Is it due to being separated in foster care? Is that another abandonment issue? I need advice on stuff my dream is bringing up. I need my dream analyzed. Does it all stem from my childhood? Do I have more abandonment then I thought? How can I change this into something positive for someone else? Why do I always feel the need to try and help others? Is it because my mom used to be that way? Nowadays money has changed her to more like I see Cindy? Is money that so important to her that she abandoned her kids? Is that my guilt popping up for situation with Dominic where we let him live with friend? Did that screw him up causing him to be over sensitive today? Why do men see their sensitivity as a weakness? Is this what society is teaching us? I see nothing wrong with a man being sensitive. I’ve seen my hubby cry and don’t feel it shows him as weak. He’s a truck driver they are roughy roughy guys right? No signs of weakness just they are human. Are my perspectives that put of wack? Is my guilt with Dom stemmed from what I went thru? Why am I just realizing now that letting my son live with Trevor was just a step above foster care crap? I’m getting tire will need a nap like yesterday ? Is that a sign of weakness? Why does my brain justify that as being better then what I did ? Been writing for an hour got some stuff out but my normal stuff the crap I’ve stuffed down has left me with a huge giant pile. Is it time now that I’m older to deal with all these things? Who do I ask for advice? Should I show this to hubby so he sees craziness I hide? Is it going to help or do more damage? A bit overwhelmed so stopping for now. Why do I question everything? Is it from my ms depression or just paranoia ? Why do I have these thoughts? Is my dream causing this? Does anyone ever read my Facebook posts? Should I just give up sharing? Where do I go from here?

Why do I need coffee to start my day? Am I addicted? Is it my substitute for stopping smoking? Do I think too much?




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