It’s all about “My life as a TRUCKER’S WIFE”.


        My name is Kathy and I live in the southern tier of New York. I have 3 kids, 2 adorable cats, a huge 3-bedroom house, 2 slightly new automobiles and you guess it my husband drives a really, big truck for a living. I think sometimes he spends more time with her then he does with me?? Maybe he has a cute nickname for her. Ugg!!! It’s glamorous and all about the big money. The things he gets to see, the things he gets to do, the places he goes. Super exciting stuff. It’s an adventure day after day. Such glamour and fun making me want to do the same day after day. SARCASM you say??? Well maybe a little bit. You ask about all the money, great things we can afford to do and O’ Yea well I’ll tell you about the tears, the fears and honestly the BEERS if I drank beer. Wine is my liquid of choice. Cranberry wine to be exact. So yummy and sweet to drink. They say cranberries are good for your kidneys, right? Cranberry wine I my liquid of choice, besides daily pots of coffee. We have been thru lots of ups and downs. Even a few moves and changes of jobs. It’s all goo in the end, right? But, we will cover that another day. I want to introduce you to the day to day realities of my life as a TRUCKER’S wife. The money is good but that’ where he excitement ends.

We have 3 boys all grown up know. Well kinda our youngest is 18, just graduated from high school in June as a matter of fact. He even got a regent’s degree. Way to go Brian Jr. He’s the energetic, cute one. Always was getting into mischief with his cat Angel. We call her our bipolar cat. Today she will be nice but tomorrow it may be another story. You just don’t know day to day with her. I’ll explain later about her and the Love, hate relationship she has with my sister, Laurie. She just totally adores Angel. She always wants to hold and play along with Angel. Lots of snuggles an such cute stuff, lot of pictures and Facebook posts for them. She comes over just to visit Angel. Such a loving relationship they have. Wish I had a relationship like that with Angel or Laurie for that matter. Oh, wait you say you hear SARCASM again? Nah they love each other. Angel loves to attack Laurie every time she walks by. Such quality and loving signs of affection. We will cover that another day. Did I forget to mention our son is on the autism spectrum? Might have forgot that little piece of information. Not super important or anything. But back to my introduction I go.

This is just a brief glimpse into my day to day life. The stories of raising 3 boys. Being the only female in the house besides the cats. Yes, you guessed it my blog will be all about my life as a TRUCKER’S WIFE. Later, I will discuss the crazy adventures we have at our cute little house in the country. With a big back porch, we can sit on and enjoy listening to the birds and seeing a possum in the tree. Far away from the hustle and bustle of normal every day life. Such peace and quiet it is, NOT. The interesting stories my husband shares with me about what he sees on the highway very day. His exciting trip to places like Applebee’s in NYC and the reason he had to honk his loud annoying horn. I just love that horn. I want the same one for my car. It’s like music to my ears. A pleasant country ballad that fills me with love, warmth and butterflies. Oh, wait you say that sounds like SARCASM again? Well you guessed it and you would be right. I hate it. I absolutely despise that Horrendous evil noise. I want to shove it up my hubby’s cute little bum. Sounds like a moose mating sound you say? Yeah well, we will go over that thought on another day. Maybe next week, next month or who knows maybe just next year.

As for now this was just the tip of the iceberg. The beginning to my all so glamorous story. It’s about my love for a man who drives a gigantic truck for a living. Well to me it’s gigantic. Seriously, I’m 5 feet tall and drive a cute little ol Volvo station wagon. His truck towers over me and my car. My kids and pretty much everything in my life. The tires are even taller than me. I’d need an elevator to get into the beast. I’ll have to open the door, back up 50 feet and run like the wind. Just try and soar thru the air to get into the cab. Climb like an ape to the top of the empire state building. Risking limb and life just to get in behind the enormous steering wheel. It’s probably as big as me. But that’s just a small glimpse into my amazing, incredible, awesome, glorious life as a TRUCKER’S wife. Thank you for stopping by I’m sure we will meet, at this same spot, again soon.  Discussing the ups and downs, pure joy and terror of my day after day life. Have a great day and gracias for stopping by and seeing a peek into my fabulous life as, TRUCKER’S wife. Ta ta for now. Lots of adventures to chat about later. With a warm cup of coffee by our sides. I have so many stories of fun, fame and fortune to share with you. It’s like a trip to the amusement park every day for my husband. A great 12 to 14-hour trip to Hershey Park. He loves and treasures each day he gets behind the wheel and takes off for a new adventure of exploration and excitement. He meets awesome new people every day. Even some that share his love for the open road. For example, his fun friend Jim or his ever so helpful partner. Some even speak other languages and come from other countries. It might even be a totally made up language for all we know. They all know his favorite songs of cute curse words that come out of his mouth. Maybe he needs a bit of soap, as my friend says. If they try to get close and snuggle with his bumper. Don’t touch that!!!  It’s his and his alone. He will get extremely angry if you ty and touch his bumper. It’s his private area. LOL. As for driving next to him at the same speed admiring his pretty truck that pisses him off too. He says Volkswagen Bugs are cut little mobile speed bumps he wants to drive over slowly. And squish the life out of like a nasty bug. I can imagine what he thinks about those bright, exotic sports cars you spent your retirement on. When you were going thru your mid-life crisis and putting you wife thru hell. Heck Lamborghini, Porsche, Lincoln, Audi, BMW, Volvo they all look the same once he runs them over and makes them go flat. Oh, I’m doing it again? Sarcasm you say? Oh well it’s just my life as you guessed it A TRUCKER’S WIFE.

Kathy O.

So much for a short intro. Better luck next time.


  1. I love this post, and your writing style. I am also a trucker’s wife, but luckily he is home daily. I’ve lived the life of an over the road trucker’s wife before, though! Looking forward to more posts!


    1. Kathy O says:

      Thank you so much for your support. It’s slow going I’m hoping to post 2 x a week.


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