Swag wreath using Dollar Tree candy cane frames.

2 frames joined together with zip ties.

If you want to make a swag and not spend a lot of $$$ grab some Dollar Tree candy cane frames. Place them on your work space one curve up and one curve down. Connect using zip ties from your favorite store.

Ladies have discussed doing 2 outside rows and then-inside 2. Exactly like using the round frame. Other ladies have said use 10 inch poufs with 21 inch mesh. Then add ruffles and rolls of 10 inch mesh. I suggest doing what you are comfortable with.

I have an account on Pinterest that might inspire you. Check it out here Candy Cane. When you have some time you can join me on here on my Facebook page. I sell my creations in a Etsy shop. Go browse my Treasures here. Hope you find great gifts for your family and friends. I recently started a YouTube channel. It’s a work in process but feel free to check it out. Me live or at least trying. Favorite my Channel and be alerted when I add more videos. I’m trying lots of ways to get my creations out there to inspire everyone. Feel free to leave me a message on what you want to see. Enjoying life and hopefully inspiring others.

Crafting makes your heart smile.

Kathy O.

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