Internet addict

I’m a lover of the INTERNET . There I said it kind of shocking right. Truly who would admit that the internet has a hold of them. 30 years ago we didn’t hear about it much. Nowadays it’s everywhere. I even work full time doing campground reservations online. Unheard of when I was growing up. I mean really no one worked online. We were lucky to have more than 3 tv channels. But back on track I love the internet. So much great creative stuff online.

I am growing my business Get Crafty With Kathy. It seems I’m everywhere I have my Facebook page, where I started. I’m on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I even recently started a YouTube channel. I get loads of ideas from everywhere just not enough time to do all the crafts I want to do.

Here are links where I am at:

My Etsy shop where you can buy my designs.

My Facebook page where you can get up to date notice of what I’m doing.

I’ll add links to my Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter another time.

I’ve also learned lately that we can make $$ with our blog. Becoming an affiliate is how we do it. First program I became affiliate for is Bluehost. My affiliate link is right here If anyone clicks on my link and purchases from Bluehost I earn a small monetary amount. Sign up for yourself maybe you will get extra money for Christmas.

Me and my hubby enjoying relaxing day at home.

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