Halloween my favorite holiday.

I’m trying to make my hobby of wreath making into a business. It’s a lot of work. So many people making wreaths nowadays competition is tough. Im in a few Facebook groups and my designs are getting much better. Here’s a few of my wreaths let me know your thoughts.

Spooky spiders
My favorite Halloween wreath this year
Dollar Tree frame witch hat
Witch hat and legs
Monster eyeballs

Can you tell Halloween is my favorite holiday? My hubby and I love it. Too bad at our new house we don’t get trick or treaters ☹️ I got a huge blow up dragon that lights up and blows fake fire. It’s around 8ft tall. Clearance at Lowe’s originally $120 got last year right before Halloween $53. It was s steal. Couldn’t even find the good Halloween candy that day. All that was left was Mary Janes. Yuck 🤢

Here’s what I found when I searched for Mary Jane candies. The article I found even had a picture of the candy.

What Are Mary Janes Candies?

Mary Jane candies are a brand of candy began in 1914 by Charles N. Miller of Boston. They are bite-sized chewy molasses and peanut butter flavored and were named after Miller’s aunt.

It may seem unusual to see molasses listed as a candy flavor, but during the 1800’s molasses was a popular flavor for candies. A combination of molasses and peanut butter was quite unique.
Miller, who began to make candies in 1884, is said to have worked out of the same house where Paul Revere lived, at 19 North Square, until 1800.

Mary Janes were a favorite penny candy for many years. They were, and still are, wrapped in a yellow paper with a red strip across the middle, and a picture of a little girl beside the name Mary Jane. The little girl is wearing a yellow dress and bonnet. The words Mary Jane also appear across the hem of the dress, which flares out to provide more prominence to the logo.

In some ways, they are similar to another old favorite, Bit-O-Honey (honey and almond flavored), which looks similar and has the same chewiness. Due to the paper wrapping, both candies tend to dry out and become very hard, required a lot of work to chew.

Mary Jane was sold to Stark Candy Company in 1989. Stark was then acquired by New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) which still sells many different Mary Jane candy products, including Mary Jane tubs, Mary Jane peanut butter kisses.

Although NECCO may not offer them at all times, Mary Janes, today, are still generally available, but as more of a retro-candy brand. Although you will not find them widely sold in stores, you can easily order Mary Jane candies online.

I still think they are nasty I prefer chocolate. What do you like? Let me know maybe I’ll focus on you in a future blog entry.

Have a great Halloween all.

Great place to buy Christmas gifts 🎁

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