Busy mom life, a reality check 😳😳😳

I started selling Scentsy + working as a reservation agent + new living room floor + cooking + cleaning + Pinterest + Instagram….. think 🤔 I slept 🛏 a little bit too. Life has gotten crazy 😜 over here. Did I forget to say we are fixing up our house to sell and move to North Carolina? How do I survive you ask ? Coffee lots of coffee. It’s how I start every day.

What do I do on my days off you ask? I’m a mom with 2 older sons still living at home with me and my hubby, I don’t get a day off. I enjoy making samples of all our awesome Scentsy waxes and mailing all over. If you want a sample join my Vip group on Facebook here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/blissful.fragrances.scentsy.us/?ref=share They have awesome scents like apple 🍎 & cinnamon sticks, snowkissed cranberry , pumpkin cinnamon swirl and vanilla bean buttercream. They are a great way to make it look 👀 like you’ve been baking all day. You can go here and see all the great scents we have : https://blissful-fragrances.scentsy.us/shop/c/4410/scentsy-wax-bars?partyId=12860440

With all these awesome scents you need a great warmer. My newest warmer is shown below it’s a cute mini gingerbread warmer. I’m excited to add it to my collection. My goal is to get a warmer for every holiday of the year. For Halloween I got my husband a mummy warmer and it is so cute. I will post a pic at another time it is packed up.

My husband is still driving tractor trailer, he’s gone about 12 hours every day for five days a week. It’s exhausting but it pays the bills. My two sons also work. My youngest at FedEx and my middle son works at cleaner supply. I miss my husband so much when he’s at work. I worry that he will get into an accident with horrible drivers out there.

My mother in law fell recently and broke her femur. I’m not good with medical stuff but hubby explained it was her leg. I hate her being home alone but with my MS I’m of no help to her. The only time I can run is to the bathroom 60 times a day due to my overactive bladder. It sucks when I’m upstairs and have to go. I think the steps will be the death of me. We really need to move to a 1 story house. I fell down them a few days ago and have bruises everywhere. Not sure how I fell I was walking up the stairs and ended up on the living room floor. Most people fall going down the steps but not me lol I had a Easter egg with my favorite skittles in my hand. Hubby says that was why I fell. I was just upset that only 1 skittle survived my fall. Can’t get again till Easter uggg.

I enjoy watching tv when I have time. Hubby finds great shows to watch. We will go on a binge and watch a ton of episodes at once. Sucky thing about it is there’s not enough episodes. Watching tv together is a big part of our alone time. With this stupid coronavirus hubby won’t go to a restaurant. We get take out but it’s not the same. I miss going out with my hubby and chatting over a good meal. Mostly nowadays we get Pinkies BBQ for dinner. Their chicken is awesome and hubby likes the pulled pork sandwich. Youngest son likes Popeyes chicken but I only like the chicken sandwich. Believe the commercials !!! It is that good. I prefer the coleslaw from Pinkies it has a lot of vinegar and taste authentically southern.

I will go for now I have samples to make. Lady won my guessing game and I need to pack up her scent circle and samples she won. Till next time keep safe and enjoy your family while they are here.

Kathy O.

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