Summer dreaming !!!!

Who misses trips to the beach 🏖 and fun with friends? I do this coronavirus has me going stir crazy. So glad for my Scentsy warmer. Smelling Welcome Summer, Rise and Sunshine brings back good memories. If you haven’t tried Scentsy your missing out. July’s scent of the month is Rise and Shine. It’sContinue reading “Summer dreaming !!!!”

What’s been happening in my world.

It’s been a world win of stuff for me the last few months. * Trying to start my wreathing business. * Doing my taxes. (Eye opening experience. Did I really spend that much) * Let’s try something cheaper. Less space needed. * Getting ready for wedding at end of March. * More work on movingContinue reading “What’s been happening in my world.”

Winter Wonderland

Thinking of ways to share my wreaths besides Etsy and Facebook. Might need to do a live sale soon. This is what is decorating my house today. I love what I do join me on Facebook at All of my creations are for sale here Join me in exploring new ideas for decoratingContinue reading “Winter Wonderland”

Halloween my favorite holiday.

I’m trying to make my hobby of wreath making into a business. It’s a lot of work. So many people making wreaths nowadays competition is tough. Im in a few Facebook groups and my designs are getting much better. Here’s a few of my wreaths let me know your thoughts. Can you tell Halloween isContinue reading “Halloween my favorite holiday.”

Swag wreath using Dollar Tree candy cane frames.

If you want to make a swag and not spend a lot of $$$ grab some Dollar Tree candy cane frames. Place them on your work space one curve up and one curve down. Connect using zip ties from your favorite store. Ladies have discussed doing 2 outside rows and then-inside 2. Exactly like usingContinue reading “Swag wreath using Dollar Tree candy cane frames.”

Experimenting with Dollar Tree deco mesh wreaths.

There are lots of videos on YouTube that will show you how to do this. I’ve watched lots and this is my version. I hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions just catch up with me on Facebook. To save money you can make your own work wreath. I use dollar tree wreathContinue reading “Experimenting with Dollar Tree deco mesh wreaths.”



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