Working from home. Is it right for you?

You would think 🤔 it was great but it has its problems and benefits.

I save money 💰 with not leaving home. No gas wasted driving to a job that I might hate or dealing with coworkers I wanna yell at or better yet smack the stupid out of them. Can that even be done? I would love to try.

I really hate when you have to deal with people that are just plain stupid to the point where you just want to scream 😱 Everybody knows the exact kind of person I’m talking about, that person no matter what just doesn’t get life is not a handout and that they’re not entitled to anything. I have coworkers where I work now but I don’t see them. I barely talk to them. So I really don’t have to have the interactions where you just want to smack yourself in the head and say “Duh”. It’s peace and quiet at home. You just take call after call over the phone, sometimes you get people that you just want to reach out to and strangle. Because they get emails and then they don’t pay attention to what the email say. It’s not rocket science just read what the email said. It tells you why you got that email. Why are you calling us to bother us just for us to tell you why you got that email? We have a script given to us to follow. That’s it in a nutshell.

Summer dreaming !!!!

Who misses trips to the beach 🏖 and fun with friends? I do this coronavirus has me going stir crazy. So glad for my Scentsy warmer. Smelling Welcome Summer, Rise and Sunshine brings back good memories. If you haven’t tried Scentsy your missing out.

Welcome, Summer

July’s scent of the month is Rise and Shine. It’s available July 1st with a awesome new warmer. Go check it out.

Rise and Shine
July’s scent and warmer of the month.

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Thanks for reading my blog have a fabulous day and remember every house should be a great smelling home 🏠! Kathy O

What’s been happening in my world.

It’s been a world win of stuff for me the last few months.

* Trying to start my wreathing business.

* Doing my taxes. (Eye opening experience. Did I really spend that much)

* Let’s try something cheaper. Less space needed.

* Getting ready for wedding at end of March.

* More work on moving to North Carolina.

* New job working from home.

* My list goes on and on.

Sound like your life? Sounds a bit chaotic but keeps you from being bored.

Color Street making lives more beautiful one set at a time.

My daily life has become jump through one hoop to another. Trying to keep my sanity in tack while trying to find a balance in life is crazy. Do this, do that. No time to stop and think 🤔 just keep going. Sound familiar? Think some have even nicknamed it the “Rat Race”. When did life get so hectic? I feel like I’m being pulled in all directions with no time to take a breath. I want back to a slower more peaceful existence. What happened to Stop and smell the flowers? Has that become digital and virtual like everything else?

Winter Wonderland

Thinking of ways to share my wreaths besides Etsy and Facebook. Might need to do a live sale soon. This is what is decorating my house today.

Winter hat wreath $25 plus shipping.
Striped candy cane $20 plus shipping.
Burlap Candy Cane $20 plus shipping.
Rescue wreath $60 free shipping.
Penguin Joy $60 free shipping.

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Join me in exploring new ideas for decorating your home. Thank you so much for reading my blog share with all your friends and family. It’s a community let’s grow in friendship.

Kathy O.

Bow of the day

Here’s my bow from today

Big difference from yesterday’s bow

Makes a big difference to watch videos in YouTube. You learn a lot. I watched this video and made this one.

My advice for today is take advantage of tutorials. They are free. Message me if you need ideas of who to watch.

Have a great day and create happiness. Kathy O

Unemployment or more time to craft???

Got my separation date from my job. Knew it was coming didn’t want it to be so soon though. Sucky thing about seasonal jobs.

Trying to keep myself busy. Did craft show Saturday till 2 then ran like crazy home to change into shorts. Then another 35 minute drive to lake party. I sold 2 wreaths and 1 angel at my craft fair. Came home found 2 boxes we forgot to take uggg. Then off to lake party and sold another wreath. So all in all total 3 wreaths and 1 angel. Productive day I think 🤔

Now to replace wreaths I sold. Started wreath at craft fair it’s in my car. So let’s start another. What should we do a easy fall wreath on normal 14” frame or

14” frame

OR welcome wreath on 18” mega frame?

18” frame

The sign decides. I’ll post finished wreaths in few days. Any tips let me know. Till next time you can find me here on my Facebook business page. Share with your friends and don’t forget to shop my Etsy Shop. I have something for everyone.

Till next time craft daily and laugh often.

Kathy O

Halloween my favorite holiday.

I’m trying to make my hobby of wreath making into a business. It’s a lot of work. So many people making wreaths nowadays competition is tough. Im in a few Facebook groups and my designs are getting much better. Here’s a few of my wreaths let me know your thoughts.

Spooky spiders
My favorite Halloween wreath this year
Dollar Tree frame witch hat
Witch hat and legs
Monster eyeballs

Can you tell Halloween is my favorite holiday? My hubby and I love it. Too bad at our new house we don’t get trick or treaters ☹️ I got a huge blow up dragon that lights up and blows fake fire. It’s around 8ft tall. Clearance at Lowe’s originally $120 got last year right before Halloween $53. It was s steal. Couldn’t even find the good Halloween candy that day. All that was left was Mary Janes. Yuck 🤢

Here’s what I found when I searched for Mary Jane candies. The article I found even had a picture of the candy.

What Are Mary Janes Candies?

Mary Jane candies are a brand of candy began in 1914 by Charles N. Miller of Boston. They are bite-sized chewy molasses and peanut butter flavored and were named after Miller’s aunt.

It may seem unusual to see molasses listed as a candy flavor, but during the 1800’s molasses was a popular flavor for candies. A combination of molasses and peanut butter was quite unique.
Miller, who began to make candies in 1884, is said to have worked out of the same house where Paul Revere lived, at 19 North Square, until 1800.

Mary Janes were a favorite penny candy for many years. They were, and still are, wrapped in a yellow paper with a red strip across the middle, and a picture of a little girl beside the name Mary Jane. The little girl is wearing a yellow dress and bonnet. The words Mary Jane also appear across the hem of the dress, which flares out to provide more prominence to the logo.

In some ways, they are similar to another old favorite, Bit-O-Honey (honey and almond flavored), which looks similar and has the same chewiness. Due to the paper wrapping, both candies tend to dry out and become very hard, required a lot of work to chew.

Mary Jane was sold to Stark Candy Company in 1989. Stark was then acquired by New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) which still sells many different Mary Jane candy products, including Mary Jane tubs, Mary Jane peanut butter kisses.

Although NECCO may not offer them at all times, Mary Janes, today, are still generally available, but as more of a retro-candy brand. Although you will not find them widely sold in stores, you can easily order Mary Jane candies online.

I still think they are nasty I prefer chocolate. What do you like? Let me know maybe I’ll focus on you in a future blog entry.

Have a great Halloween all.

Great place to buy Christmas gifts 🎁

Internet addict

I’m a lover of the INTERNET . There I said it kind of shocking right. Truly who would admit that the internet has a hold of them. 30 years ago we didn’t hear about it much. Nowadays it’s everywhere. I even work full time doing campground reservations online. Unheard of when I was growing up. I mean really no one worked online. We were lucky to have more than 3 tv channels. But back on track I love the internet. So much great creative stuff online.

I am growing my business Get Crafty With Kathy. It seems I’m everywhere I have my Facebook page, where I started. I’m on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I even recently started a YouTube channel. I get loads of ideas from everywhere just not enough time to do all the crafts I want to do.

Here are links where I am at:

My Etsy shop where you can buy my designs.

My Facebook page where you can get up to date notice of what I’m doing.

I’ll add links to my Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter another time.

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Me and my hubby enjoying relaxing day at home.