20 th anniversary trip to Massachusetts

He’s a professional driver you think he’d want calm music. NOT my hubby it’s Ac/Dc all the way !!!


I’m not worried about his driving. Getting into a speed test with a Prius ? Who knew it would be that funny. Mobil speed bumps to a trucker. Too bad we are driving his own truck. But still kinda funny word choices. Gotta love trucker language.

Saw a truck with funny things on back. Hubby says they are there to reduce wind drag. Huh? No clue they just look funny. I got to see lots of trucks on our way to Massachusetts and even a big tow truck for rigs. They are huge !!! My favorite trucker had a cool sign on his rig “childhood dream WHAT was I thinking” Hubby loved it will have to get him one. We are making good time except dealing with complete idiots that don’t know how to drive. He has a choice word for each of them.

I have a lot more respect for truckers now so here’s some cool pics of some we saw.

It’s all a great experience.

Till next time hug your hubby tight and have a goodnight.

Date night and a run for rims? You wouldn’t believe what we found 🤔

Its my first full day of vacation and we have a tight schedule . This post will be mostly pics from our outing day to Candor. We are off to a party in PA at Elk Lake. The weather was perfect. My son Brian Jr. even went swimming in the lake. We had a great time and plan to go back again. Here’s the pictures I took on our trip to Candor.


Hubby’s day to day truck needed new tires so we got to go explore. Sign said pumpkin ice cream so we had to stop on our way back home.

What we found in the backyard was amazing. They had a full size house boat with a deck built around it. It was awesome no flood could hurt that house.

They also had some really cool signs on the side of their barn. Car guru collector’s heaven.

My favorite of all things was the neat old gas station they had set up out back. It was very authentic.

The ice cream was yummy but items out back where like ice cream on the cake.

Till next time drive safe on those roads and hug your hubby when he’s home really tight. A run for ice cream is a great date night and cheap too.

Vacation. Massachusettes here we come.

It took me an hour to find this list.

I feel this is best list to use to pack for a trip. If, you are the compulsive, over packer type. It says it will all fit in a single, carry-on-sized bag. Try it and let me know how it works, for you. I’m not going to even try. Best of luck to you.

Pack List

This is more my style of packing.

I prefer to use this list. It’s super basic and simple. On my vacation in September 2018, to Massachusetts w my hubby, I am doing very basic. If your going for simplistic this list is for you. No heavy , awkward bags for me. I have the perfect bag. Check post below. You will want to grab one before your next trip.

Basic list.

The BAG !!!

The bag I am using is not just functional, it’s cute. That’s way more important. I got this bag from my friend Kristie. She sells 31 bags and I’m obsessed with them. It’s true. Every room in my house has some type of 31 bag. I even have lots in my closets and attic. I did a party for her last year. She’s super friendly and easy to work with. Get your Christmas list ready. I guarantee 1/2 the presents you need you gan get from 31. Here is link to her site so you can shop your heart out. In my craft area alone I have 3 bags. They are so great for de-cluttering any area of your home.

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to see some great bags.

Got my bag here.


Here’s the one I’m going to be using.

Some final thoughts.

It’s getting late and hubby will be home in about an hour. Off to cook him some quick, yummy food. If you have any ideas for quick, nutritious, yummy meals drop me a note. A friend said check out Pinterest but I haven’t had time. Packing for a trip is exhausting. I’m packing extra $$$ just in case, I forget something. My next post will be Saturday and I have some great news to share with you. We are expanding our family and I’m super excited.

Till next time drive safe, hug your hubby extra tight and enjoy my blog about being a trucker’s wife.

Till next time. Bye Bye. 🙃

Kathy O.

Out with the old, in with the new.

A bit late but I was busy.

Bet y’all thought I was talking about my hubby lol. Not a chance. He keeps me warm at night. My own private heater and I’m not sharing. A bit off topic there blame it on lack of caffeine or my adult ADD. But, it’s not, it’s all about a new fresh container of coffee and how awesome it smells. I can live every day with a new fresh can of coffee. It smells heavenly. I opened up a new bag this morning and it was like heaven to my nose. I love fresh coffee it’s my wake up drug of choice. I finished a can of my normal coffee so had to say goodbye 😭😭I am trying another brand. I’ve had it before, I hope it doesn’t fail me.

I opened the new bag and it was awesome. Anyone else have a favorite coffee brand? Feel free to share.

Had Friday off so got some work done around the house. But nothing really exciting going on here. Have a great weekend everyone. We have birthday celebration for our nephew then just researching car rentals for our vacation in a week. Massachusetts here we come. It will be fun just me and hubby. Till next time keep trucking and stay safe.

  • Kathy O

Drooling on his pillow and other ways to fall asleep.

It’s a typical Monday night for me. 2 am and I’m still awake. Dreading the fact I have to work tomorrow at 10. I fall asleep every night on his pillow. I hug it so tight you would think it was a life raft. Usually sleep eludes me without him here. Here is a list of ideas on how to fall asleep on those restless nights …

1. Warm milk and cookies. Who are you kidding I’m not four. There are days where I get so depressed I wouldn’t stop at just a few cookies. Mint Oreos are my favorite go to cookie. But I’ve caught myself eating the whole package once, twice or maybe it was every time. Those cookies are no longer allowed in my house. I can’t eat just 1 ☹️

2. Exercise so much you pass out. Um no. Who wants to go to sleep all sweaty and nasty. I’d have to take a shower and that would wake me right up. Skip that idea.

3. My moms favorite is knock yourself out with a cast iron frying pan. She hit my dad with one and knocked his azz out. Although not sure I would like the headache in the morning.

4. Cough syrup overdose. Hey some say it works with kids. I’d have a problem with nasty cherry flavor or getting jittery. Might have to look in to this and see if newer cough syrup comes in better flavors. Coffee flavor would be good.

5. Try yoga to relax yourself. Only problem there is my balance. With Multiple Sclerosis my balance sucks. I’d worry about falling over and breaking my hip. Don’t think I would sleep well after that unless dr prescribed narcotics to knock me out. That might work but I’m a sissy and don’t like pain.

6. Right now I use the old easy way. Watching criminal minds until I pass out. It even helps me have some colorful dreams. If your not afraid of dreams where someone is chasing you and trying to kill you. I suggest this or maybe a milder show like Smurfs. Although I’m not sure if they still show that on normal tv.

I wanted to add a cute little note about my husband’s uniform. My favorite piece is his yellow safety jacket. It was so bright when he got it I thought it was glowing in the dark. Here it is 3 years later and still ugly as ever. But it keeps him visible. A driver at his old job didn’t wear his one night. Another trucker backed up, not seeing the other driver, and ran him over. So in my opinion if that ugly jacket is going to keep him visible in the dark. Then I want him to wear it. His safety is more important then his lack of style sense. Then again he’s a guy lol they don’t have fashion sense. 🤩🤩🤩

Have a great day. And remember, when he gets home to hug him real tight and remind him how much he means to you.

Till next time around,

Kathy O

Reality hits. Depression sucks ☹️☹️☹️ Published early in hopes of helping someone out there dealing with the same 😕

Getting my thoughts together, getting real. Discussing depression out loud. Going over the bad times and the good times. But mostly the trouble I’ve experienced. It’s hard for me to talk about depression to strangers but it’s something I feel I need to do. The taboo of discussing meds and other ways to help yourself should be gone. Right? It is the 21st century, I think. We discuss so many things like trans gender, open marriages, sister wives on tv but skim over mental illness issues. They are real and it’s rising. According to this article https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/11909-the-number-of-americans-on-antidepressants-has-skyrocketed done by the cdc “According to just published data, 12.7 percent of Americans age 12 or older reported taking an antidepressant within the last month.” That’s astounding. Ask your friends chances are many do. I do. As a matter of fact I take 2 pills everyday. It’s not a quick fix but it does take the edge off. We joke at my house that

they are my “anti-divorce” medication. Without them I can be a really mean bit##. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband and kids but life is sometimes hard to handle. Adulting seriously sucks some days. I’d rather stay in bed all day and snuggle with my hubby but reality is bills need to be paid, mouths need to be fed. I wonder if it’s my MS that causes my depression? Then you see statistics and realize that’s only a small part of life.

So let’s get real. I take Prozac. Yes people joke about it all the time. I had a friend comment one day in Walmart how this was “a Prozac” world. Little did she now I was on that train ride. I didn’t get offended just laughed and said “Yep that’s me in a nutshell”. No serious harm done no foul. I was medicated so the thoughts of smashing her face into the register belt, pounding her skinny ass into the floor while all our friends watched was just a brief thought. Or so I thought. Here we are years later discussing it. Funny how this memory is fresh in my mind oh well. I’ve got together a support team I can talk to about difficult times and I’m very thankful for them. Not too mention names but Lisa, Alison and Ruthie come to mind. This blog has helped. It’s good to get it all out and see in black and white. Kinda hurts but needs to be done. We need to stop suffering in silence.

My tips are:

1. speak to your partner they probably have noticed changes and just said nothing.

2. Speak to your doctor. Maybe you can change some of the things you eat. I noticed if I skip breakfast by 2 I’m struggling. It’s little things like that. Causing a day and night difference.

3. Write it down. Maybe a diary, journal or a blog like this. Whatever works as long as it’s legal do it for yourself. Can’t care for your family if your hiding under a shell

4. Join a group on facebook. Couldn’t hurt.

5. Exercise. They say it empowers the mind. Or so they think. If not punching a punching bag really hard could be therapeutic. Just picture the face of last person to “spit in your Cheerios” face on it and pound away.

6. Pull out your bible and read. There are many verses that deal with depression. I will ask a friend and post shortly.

Starting to think this might be a two day job. I have to work at 1 and hubby has dentist appointment at noon. I’m going to end here.

TOO be continued shortly.

Kathy O

Took my meds this morning and drank coffee. Think I’ll make it through today. I hope.

Such a colorful language they speak.

Hubby was off for 4 days so I decided to ask him questions. Not sure where I’m going with this just hoping I’m not gonna regret it 🧐

His funniest experience he shared. He was just done with a delivery in NYC with his old company. He saw a girl besides the road, she wanted him to honk the horn. The girl pulled up her dress to get him to honk. His partner kept honking horn to encourage her, while her friends fought to keep her skirt down. He thinks she was under the influence of alcohol. I say she just had no morals. This happened in New Rochelle, New York. I’m not planning to visit there anytime soon. I think she’s nasty. I’m wondering if he has anymore experiences he’s hiding.

His scariest moment on the road was in Winter with present company.

It was winter which is New York State 90% of the time. During a messy, snow storm. Coming down near exit 44 from Rochester. He had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting a car. He said “His ass bit a chunk out of the seat”. Such colorful language. Got to love this man. His other favorite language “ It’s like a cow pissing on a flat rock”, he says that when it’s raining outside really hard. I wonder what other colorful things they say are ?? 🙃


If your like me you get bored waiting so here’s a good book to check out.

Grab one here.

New training for truck drivers at your local arcade 🤪

A trucker, a work from home job and now a blog. What was I thinking ????

My  hubby is a trucker. He loved it when he started now not so much. I work from home answering phone and doing campground reservations. Glorious right lol I got an idea in my head to try a blog. Maybe eventually can start making money and leave my job. A girl can dream right I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Busy season is winding down at my job. Getting kinda cold at night to camp in some states. A lady told me she’ll camp till the cows come home or waist deep snow. I still dream of a cute little camper in my back yard. Kinda a country girl she shed. Hubby says”it’s a terrible idea”. I think it sounds like fun and would be fun to decorate something all GIRLY ! Since I am only female human in my house. Maybe be in 10 years I’ll have a grand-daughter to cherish. that would be awesome marriage first though. Guess I should give you a little glimpse into my life. I have 3 grown boys 18, 21 and 23. 2 youngest still live at home. My oldest lives near New York city with his girlfriend. He finished college at PRATT in Brooklyn then never came back. I miss him but he’s following his dream. Chatted with lots of nice ladies on Facebook and they are encouraging me to start. So as to not disappoint those nice ladies here I am. Writing is very relaxing for me. If I could, figure out what I did with my stylus for my tablet this would go faster. Anyone has any ideas for a home-made stylus? I’m creative but ideas for that I’m clueless. My youngest son says try a chopstick or a skewer. Not sure how any of that would work but, my son thinks up some strange ideas.

   My goal with this blog is to share some of the great times and some of the not so great times as a trucker’s wife. Winter roads may look pretty outside my dining room window but, knowing my hubby is out there driving in this nasty white stuff is scary. Scary like the stuff that causes nightmares. He’s a good driver so that’s not worrying me. It’s the daily worry about the mini van soccer mom on her cell or the life crisis guy in the sports car driving way to fast. It’s a juggling contest and those kind of idiots are leading it. Weaving in and out. Driving in trucker’s a blind spot is pretty much suicide yet they do it every day. Pushing their luck and thinking nothing of it. Not sure I would try getting in a trucker’s way. They could squish you flat, like I did to spider on the wall, with my cell phone earlier. Wet ground outside is sending them in. NO sorry not welcome in my house, EVER.

   The battery is getting low on my tablet so I’m gonna go for today. I have a complete blog entry I wrote in my notebook on my desk hoping to add soon. Until then this was just a little glimpse into my life As a Trucker’s wife. Ta ta for now. Stay safe on those roads and remember most trucker’s have a loved 1 or 2 waiting at home for them.

It’s all about “My life as a TRUCKER’S WIFE”.


        My name is Kathy and I live in the southern tier of New York. I have 3 kids, 2 adorable cats, a huge 3-bedroom house, 2 slightly new automobiles and you guess it my husband drives a really, big truck for a living. I think sometimes he spends more time with her then he does with me?? Maybe he has a cute nickname for her. Ugg!!! It’s glamorous and all about the big money. The things he gets to see, the things he gets to do, the places he goes. Super exciting stuff. It’s an adventure day after day. Such glamour and fun making me want to do the same day after day. SARCASM you say??? Well maybe a little bit. You ask about all the money, great things we can afford to do and O’ Yea well I’ll tell you about the tears, the fears and honestly the BEERS if I drank beer. Wine is my liquid of choice. Cranberry wine to be exact. So yummy and sweet to drink. They say cranberries are good for your kidneys, right? Cranberry wine I my liquid of choice, besides daily pots of coffee. We have been thru lots of ups and downs. Even a few moves and changes of jobs. It’s all goo in the end, right? But, we will cover that another day. I want to introduce you to the day to day realities of my life as a TRUCKER’S wife. The money is good but that’ where he excitement ends.

We have 3 boys all grown up know. Well kinda our youngest is 18, just graduated from high school in June as a matter of fact. He even got a regent’s degree. Way to go Brian Jr. He’s the energetic, cute one. Always was getting into mischief with his cat Angel. We call her our bipolar cat. Today she will be nice but tomorrow it may be another story. You just don’t know day to day with her. I’ll explain later about her and the Love, hate relationship she has with my sister, Laurie. She just totally adores Angel. She always wants to hold and play along with Angel. Lots of snuggles an such cute stuff, lot of pictures and Facebook posts for them. She comes over just to visit Angel. Such a loving relationship they have. Wish I had a relationship like that with Angel or Laurie for that matter. Oh, wait you say you hear SARCASM again? Nah they love each other. Angel loves to attack Laurie every time she walks by. Such quality and loving signs of affection. We will cover that another day. Did I forget to mention our son is on the autism spectrum? Might have forgot that little piece of information. Not super important or anything. But back to my introduction I go.

This is just a brief glimpse into my day to day life. The stories of raising 3 boys. Being the only female in the house besides the cats. Yes, you guessed it my blog will be all about my life as a TRUCKER’S WIFE. Later, I will discuss the crazy adventures we have at our cute little house in the country. With a big back porch, we can sit on and enjoy listening to the birds and seeing a possum in the tree. Far away from the hustle and bustle of normal every day life. Such peace and quiet it is, NOT. The interesting stories my husband shares with me about what he sees on the highway very day. His exciting trip to places like Applebee’s in NYC and the reason he had to honk his loud annoying horn. I just love that horn. I want the same one for my car. It’s like music to my ears. A pleasant country ballad that fills me with love, warmth and butterflies. Oh, wait you say that sounds like SARCASM again? Well you guessed it and you would be right. I hate it. I absolutely despise that Horrendous evil noise. I want to shove it up my hubby’s cute little bum. Sounds like a moose mating sound you say? Yeah well, we will go over that thought on another day. Maybe next week, next month or who knows maybe just next year.

As for now this was just the tip of the iceberg. The beginning to my all so glamorous story. It’s about my love for a man who drives a gigantic truck for a living. Well to me it’s gigantic. Seriously, I’m 5 feet tall and drive a cute little ol Volvo station wagon. His truck towers over me and my car. My kids and pretty much everything in my life. The tires are even taller than me. I’d need an elevator to get into the beast. I’ll have to open the door, back up 50 feet and run like the wind. Just try and soar thru the air to get into the cab. Climb like an ape to the top of the empire state building. Risking limb and life just to get in behind the enormous steering wheel. It’s probably as big as me. But that’s just a small glimpse into my amazing, incredible, awesome, glorious life as a TRUCKER’S wife. Thank you for stopping by I’m sure we will meet, at this same spot, again soon.  Discussing the ups and downs, pure joy and terror of my day after day life. Have a great day and gracias for stopping by and seeing a peek into my fabulous life as, TRUCKER’S wife. Ta ta for now. Lots of adventures to chat about later. With a warm cup of coffee by our sides. I have so many stories of fun, fame and fortune to share with you. It’s like a trip to the amusement park every day for my husband. A great 12 to 14-hour trip to Hershey Park. He loves and treasures each day he gets behind the wheel and takes off for a new adventure of exploration and excitement. He meets awesome new people every day. Even some that share his love for the open road. For example, his fun friend Jim or his ever so helpful partner. Some even speak other languages and come from other countries. It might even be a totally made up language for all we know. They all know his favorite songs of cute curse words that come out of his mouth. Maybe he needs a bit of soap, as my friend says. If they try to get close and snuggle with his bumper. Don’t touch that!!!  It’s his and his alone. He will get extremely angry if you ty and touch his bumper. It’s his private area. LOL. As for driving next to him at the same speed admiring his pretty truck that pisses him off too. He says Volkswagen Bugs are cut little mobile speed bumps he wants to drive over slowly. And squish the life out of like a nasty bug. I can imagine what he thinks about those bright, exotic sports cars you spent your retirement on. When you were going thru your mid-life crisis and putting you wife thru hell. Heck Lamborghini, Porsche, Lincoln, Audi, BMW, Volvo they all look the same once he runs them over and makes them go flat. Oh, I’m doing it again? Sarcasm you say? Oh well it’s just my life as you guessed it A TRUCKER’S WIFE.

Kathy O.

So much for a short intro. Better luck next time.